Squamish Handyman Services


Sig began contracting out his services in 1996, but his path towards his current vocation began far before that.

He was one of those children who took everything apart. Everything as in his dad's tools, the kitchen appliances, the lawn mower. This of itself may not be so exceptional; what was unique about him was his ability to put every item back together again. He did this with such amazing ease and attention to detail, that his mother was handing him simple household appliances to repair by the time he was five years old. He became expert at innumerable household repairs: clogged drains, minor electrical problems. His curious mind was able to troubleshoot any problem - if his skills were still too undeveloped to solve the problem, his patient dad (himself an old hand at fixing virtually anything) was there to guide him towards the solution. 


In 1996, Sig began working with Angelo Milia, maintaining Angelo's properties. During that time, he also spent untold hours fixing and renovating his own home, as well as the homes of friends and acquaintances.

Several years later, he took on the role as project manager with a major construction company, renovating hotel chains in Whistler and Vancouver.

The decade spent in that business gave him a working knowledge of all the construction trades, a knowledge that he has been refining and honing ever since.

In 2007, we added commercial cleaning to our list of services. Our customers are long-term, staying with us because of our honesty, reliability, and always fair rates.


The majority of our business comes from repeat customers or come from word of mouth. Our reputation is our business.


Our flexible range of services will be tailored to your individual requirements, whatever your budget. We understand no two customers are the same. We take the time to listen to your requirements and will provide you with a detailed quote that meets your individual needs.


Our many years of experience has given us expertise in a wide variety of trades. We have a hand picked team of ticketed tradesmen, including electricians and plumbers. Each tradesman has over 20 years experience in their trade.